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Welcome to VIQ Solutions Inc.

VIQ Solutions Inc. is a global leader in computer-based digital audio and video capture and management. We develop software solutions that capture, digitize, and compress audio and video data, which is securely stored in a multi-tiered server system where it is easily searchable and shareable. Our innovative media processor technology allows users to remotely control audio-video capture in multiple locations from a single satellite location, allowing large-scale and complex installations to be managed efficiently by fewer resources.

VIQ also owns two transcription subsidiaries, Spark & Cannon Australasia Pty. Ltd. and International Reporting Inc. VIQ Solutions' technologies are installed in courts, law enforcement, legislative assemblies, and hearing rooms around the world.

In October of 2010, we signed a five year software licensing agreement with Cisco Systems, Inc. covering the licensing and integration of our VIQ Infinit product suite into Cisco's product portfolio worldwide. For more information on our agreement with Cisco, please visit our Connected Justice page.

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Cisco Connected Justice

Cisco Connected Justice solution
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VIQ Infinit

Encompass RPC for digital court recording
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Police Interviews

Recording for police interviews and interrogations
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