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We are pleased to showcase just a few of the most recent successes experienced by VIQ and our partners. This page lists VIQ's latest success stories, but we've been in the digital media business for over 25 years. For a detailed list of our past "bests and firsts," please see Our History.

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June 2016 - VIQ Announces New VoIP Dictation and Cloud Transcription Workflow Win with Ontario Hospital

We're happy to announce a new medical win for VIQ Dataworxs! The customer, a Canadian hospital, had an existing phone-based dictation installation that couldn’t keep up with the latest modern technology. The new Audioworxs implementation will enable the hospital to capture physician dictation and consultation using the hospital’s new VoIP phone system and utilize a secure virtual server environment to maximize efficiency while minimizing infrastructure outlay.

At no point do the voice files leave the hospital’s control, ensuring that the hospital’s confidential patient information remains completely private and secure. The flexible Audioworxs platform enables the hospital to lock down their confidential data while facilitating the transcription workflow for authorized users.

To learn more about this win, please view the press release here.

May 2016 - VIQ Announces New Smartphone Dictation and Cloud-Based Transcription Win with Financial Customer

We're happy to announce a new contract with Worldwide Dictation of New York for the MobileMic smartphone dictation and cloud-based workflow management solution. MobileMic allows Worldwide's customer, a financial agency specializing in refinancing and mortgages, to travel onsite and capture digital audio of interviews using a simple app on their smartphone. These files are then automatically and securely routed to the VIQ Dataworxs’ cloud-based backend server where it can be accessed by authorized Worldwide Dictation transcriptionists.

MobileMic can be installed on iPhone or Android smartphones and uses a simplified touchscreen GUI to facilitate the secure capture and management of digital audio files. The entire workflow process is encrypted and completely secured, and is provided to Worldwide Dictation for a recurring monthly service fee.

To learn more, please view the press release here.

May 2016 - VIQ Announces Expansion of Country-Wide Digital Court Recording Project in Zimbabwe

We're happy to report that the Judicial Services Commission of Zimbabwe has expanded their VIQ installation into additional courtrooms as they continue their country-wide court modernization initiative. The contract was initially announced last October and with the initial installation proceeding smoothly on schedule, the project has now moved into a new growth phase. This expansion will bring the total number of rooms in operation to almost 200, with courtrooms and transcription workstations located across Zimbabwe, and is expected to continue to grow in 2016. The project is led by Digital Voice Processing, VIQ’s South Africa-based partner.

This expansion further cements VIQ's reputation as the global leader for the large-scale secure capture and management of mission-critical digital audio and video evidence. Our current global customer base includes a dozen sites that operate between 500 and 900 fully networked fixed and mobile rooms apiece and our flexible, modular software design makes it easy for these enterprise customers to add both additional rooms as well as additional functionality such as video capture, mobility, secure web portals and more.

To learn more about this exciting expansion, our second in recent weeks, please view the press release here.

May 2016 - "... the ideal blend of technology and expertise..." VIQ Announces Expansion of Scottish Court Project

We're pleased to announce that the Scottish Court Service, a VIQ customer since 2013, is expanding their VIQ digital recording, management and collaboration solution to additional courtrooms across Scotland after a third-party technology review. The independent review examined all technology in use at the courts across Scotland, including the VIQ platform. VIQ was confirmed as the best provider for the secure digital capture and management of audio and evidence for the Scottish Court Service with "the ideal blend of technology and expertise."

With this confirmation in hand, the Scottish Courts are now moving ahead with an expansion of their VIQ installation. The expansion will bring the number of courtrooms running the VIQ platform to almost 200. David Tilling, VIQ’s Regional Sales Director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, commented: "We are proud that the Scottish Court Services decided to expand VIQ’s long standing services to courtrooms across the country. This endorsement acknowledges VIQ’s expertise in the secure management of enterprise digital evidence."

To learn more about this exciting expansion, please view the press release here.

April 2016 - VIQ Solutions and PESA Win Best of Show Award at NAB 2016 for PESA ACES Collaborative Content Manager Solution

We're very proud to announce that VIQ and our partners at PESA have been awarded a Best of Show award for the new PESA ACES Collaborative Content Manager unveiled this week at the NAB show in Las Vegas! NAB is a prestigious global AV show attended by all the leading minds in the digital audio and video industry and we're delighted to be recognized on the global stage.

The PESA ACES CCM is an affordable, multi-channel capture and playback system for synchronized live event recording and playback. The joint PESA/VIQ solution simplifies collaboration when working with recordings by leveraging secure, browser-based access and indexed multimedia annotations. Built around the PESA XSTREAM multi-channel streaming media appliance and the VIQ Satellite software for sophisticated file capture and management, the CCM is a comprehensive two or five-channel video and audio content management system that provides secure access to files synchronized across multiple network tiers. When working remotely, CCM users can access and index footage, as well as share comments through a customizable interface, which improves efficiency by allowing easy access to preferred tools and terminology.

The PESA ACES CCM provides unmatched privacy, security and digital collaboration in a complete integrated bundle. With the solution already in the pilot phase at multiple medical and law enforcement customers, we expect this bundled VIQ/PESA solution to be a key differentiator in 2016 as we continue to diversify our customer base and leverage our stellar reputation for security and privacy alongside our partners at PESA.

To learn more about this exciting new solution, you can view PESA's press release here.

April 2016 - Spark & Cannon Wins New Medical Transcription Contract in Australia

Spark & Cannon has been awarded a new medical transcription contract with Capital Women's Health, a prominent provider of health services for women in Canberra, Australia. This contract marks the second new medical transcription win for Spark & Cannon in 2016.

Capital Women’s Health chose Spark & Cannon based on their extensive experience, expertise, confidentiality and reputation in the transcription industry. Highly accurate and timely transcription services are cornerstone to the arrangement.

You can view more on this contract win here.

April 2016 - VIQ Announces Reseller Agreement with Nuance Communications for Dragon Medical Speech Recognition Technology in Australia

We're very happy to announce that Dataworxs Australia has signed an agreement with Nuance Communications for the resale of Nuance’s Dragon Medical speech recognition technologies across Australia and New Zealand.

VIQ Dataworxs customers in Australia and New Zealand can now seamlessly integrate Nuance’s powerful speech recognition capabilities into their VIQ Dataworxs workflow. Dragon Medical Practice Edition is 99% accurate ‘out of the box’ and includes a complete range of medical vocabularies. It allows clinicians to document patient records electronically in real-time providing immediate efficiency to medical practices. The software is used by more than 500,000 physicians worldwide.

You can view more on this new partnership here.

March 2016 - Spark & Cannon Wins Digital Recording and Management Contract with an Australian Town Council

Spark & Cannon was just awarded another digital recording and management software contract in Australia, this time with a town council in northern Australia. The customer had previously been using a competitor's product, but was impressed with VIQ’s advanced yet easy to use digital technology and our ability to work with their existing hardware infrastructure.

This is another strategic win for Spark & Cannon as they look to leverage their stellar reputation as the leading provider of reporting and transcription services into more high-margin software and technology sales in Australia and the surrounding region.

You can view the press release here.

March 2016 - VIQ Reseller Wins Multi-room Digital Court Recording, Case Management Integration Contract in Kansas

VIQ value-added reseller Voice Products of Kansas was recently awarded their third digital court recording and modernization project in recent months. This multi-room customer was impressed with VIQ’s advanced digital technology and its emphasis on integration, digital security and modularity.

The court also added VIQ's innovative ICM Tool for integration with their existing case management system. The ICM Tool is an integrated workflow tool that seamlessly connects to and imports information from the court's existing case management system, boosting efficiency by preventing input errors and reducing the time required to manually key in case information. The ICM Tool is currently in use around the world with case and database management systems for courts, law enforcement, medical records management systems, online scheduling or booking software, and more.

You can view the press release here.

February 2016 - VIQ in "Mobile Generation: The Future of Cybersecurity"

Last night, an article entitled Mobile Generation: The Future of Cybersecurity was posted on InvestingNews.com regarding the rapid growth of mobile web traffic and the challenges this raises for the cybersecurity sector.

VIQ CEO Sebastien Paré was interviewed and outlined VIQ’s industry-leading “security first” development strategy and how we've adapted that to our work with mobile phones, an incredibly fast-growing market segment for VIQ. The article is part of a larger interview Sebastien did with this group. More information will be following in the near future.

You can view the article here.

February 2016 - New Canadian Police Win for VIQ Dataworxs

We're happy to report a new police department win in Ontario, Canada, through our partners at Edi-Cord WPS.

The PD will use secured interactive telephone recording technology to capture their field reports, which will then be routed through a sophisticated city-wide workflow using the Audioworxs Enterprise digital workflow. The customer is also piloting AudioWav Mic mobile solution for in-car reporting. AudioWav Mic works in conjunction with in-vehicle computers allowing the officer to report any encounter instantly and have it transmitted over the department’s wireless network.

You can view the complete press release here.

February 2016 - VIQ Announces New Regional Director for High-Growth EMEA Region

A warm welcome to David Tilling, VIQ's new Regional Director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. David joins VIQ after many years as export director with Digital Voice Processing, our key partners in South Africa, where he successfully closed multiple enterprise-level contracts like the Mauritius and Malawi National Assemblies and most recently the Zimababwe Judiciary. He has recently relocated to the UK and agreed to manage our business development and partner channels for this high-growth region.

VIQ has many customers in the EMEA region, including the Ministry of Justice in the UK, the Serbian Judiciary, the Abu Dhabi Judiciary, and the South African National Defense Force. It was time for VIQ to grow smartly and dedicate a proper resource to this key growth region and David, with his extensive sales and VIQ product experience, is the perfect fit for the job.

We're glad to have you aboard, David! You can view the complete press release here.

February 2016 - S&C Awarded New Contract with Victorian Department of Health and Human Services

Another great new win for Spark & Cannon, who were awarded a multi-year transcription contract with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.

A key factor in this contract was Spark & Cannon's use of security-cleared personnel in the Melbourne office. For health organizations like the Department of Health and Human Services, the security, privacy and confidentiality of digital data is crucial at all stages, especially transcription services.

Nice one, Spark & Cannon! You can view the complete press release here.

January 2016 - New Digital Audio-Video Recording Contract with Indiana Police Department

Congratulations to Van Ausdall, our partners in Indiana, who just won a new digital audio-video police contract. The PD will be using VIQ's secure software for multi-channel AV capture and management in their interrogation rooms.

The department had previously been using an audio-only setup, but was ready to take the next step up and VIQ was happy to deliver. Our sophisticated software suite, with plenty of room to expand to mobility, web-based collaboration, and flexible cloud-based management options, combined with our local partner's technological experience and expertise, is starting to really make waves with forward-looking law enforcement, courts and other government agencies looking to modernize their processes.

Congratulations, Van Ausdall! You can view the complete press release here.

December 2015 - VIQ Dataworxs Wins Wins Secure, Cloud-Based Medical Transcription Upgrade

Long-time customer Expedite Transcription Services, a leading provider of medical and legal transcription services across Canada, recently purchased an exciting new technology upgrade from VIQ Dataworxs.

In addition to upgrading their Audioworxs capture system, Expedite is adding the latest VIQ Dataworxs cloud-based transcription workflow solution. The entire workflow is accessed via secure cloud connection, allowing authorized transcriptionists to retrieve their audio files via their standard web browser. The entire VIQ Dataworxs dictation and cloud-based transcription workflow is completely compliant with security and privacy protocols such as PIPEDA and HIPAA and is provided under VIQ Dataworxs' flexible SaaS pricing.

This is a very exciting project for us, showcasing our latest cloud-based technology while maintaining our focus on top-notch security and collaboration. You can read more on Expedite and this exciting project here.

December 2015 - VIQ Reseller Wins New Digital Court Recording and Management Contract in Kansas

Congratulations to our long-time partners at Voice Products, who recently won a new digital court recording project in Kansas. It's a multi-courtroom networked installation, complete with the VIQ ICM Tool for seamless integration to the court's case management system.

The customer had been with a VIQ competitor for over 15 years, but only VIQ Solutions had the technology they needed to move forward. VIQ's powerful database, with advanced security features and case management integration, plus the stellar local service provided by Voice Products, were the key differentiators. This win is another example of a growing trend toward court modernization that goes way beyond simple audio capture and VIQ, with our advanced integrated suite of solutions, is well-positioned to take advantage.

Congratulations to VP on this outstanding win! You can read more on the project here.

December 2015 - VIQ Dataworxs Awarded Key Migration with Berger Kordos Lawyers in Australia

VIQ Dataworxs Australia has been awarded a key upgrade of the dictation system for the Melbourne-based specialist relationships law firm, Berger Kordos Lawyers.

To help the dedicated staff serve their vision and meet their clients' demands, VIQ Dataworxs upgraded the firm to the latest Audiowav dictation and transcription solution, with the added benefit of the MobileMic app for the capture and management of files via smartphone.

The upgrade also included the seamless integration of Nuance Communications' Dragon speech recognition functionality. Dataworxs Australia installed multiple Dragon Professional licences which the typists use via their AudioWav Player to automatically convert the audio file to text, improving productivity and cutting their transcription time by up to fifty percent.

You can view the press release on the project here.

November 2015 - VIQ Dataworxs Wins New Medical Capture and Transcription Contract with Cardiac Surgery Associates

VIQ Dataworxs, through reseller Voice Automation Inc., has been awarded a new digital medical dictation and transcription project with Cardiac Surgery Associates, a group of Illinois physicians who offer comprehensive medical care for an array of cardiac, lung and vascular diseases in the early and advanced stages.

The HIPAA-compliant Audioworxs system allows Cardiac Surgery Associates doctors to dictate their patient encounters using their phone system, with multiple doctors able to dictate simultaneously. The audio is then automatically and securely routed to the cloud-based Dataworxs Distribution Server, where the audio files can be accessed by the customer’s onsite or offsite transcriptionists using the Audioworxs Player.

Multiple doctors at Cardiac Surgery Associates are also using the VIQ Dataworxs MobileMic app to capture their dictation. MobileMic is supported on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones and tablets.

You can view the press release on the project here.

November 2015 - VIQ Reseller DECA Completes Tribal Court Upgrade Project in Mississippi

We're pleased to announce that VIQ reseller DECA of Marietta, Georgia, has completed the upgrade of another long-time standalone customer to the latest VIQ networked solution that provides them with a central, secure repository for all courtroom proceedings and collaborative access to digital recordings for all authorized users.

This is the latest in a steady stream of upgrade wins for VIQ resellers as our large standlone customer base make the move up to VIQ's advanced networked solutions.

“There is a strong trend among our standalone court customers toward the security and efficiency of a networked solution, with enhanced access and collaboration functionality,” says Bob Rhodes, Regional Sales Manager at DECA. “VIQ’s secure networked solutions are the logical next step for standalone customers that are demanding more sophisticated digital solutions while maintaining a familiar workflow.”

Congratulations DECA on another great win! You can view the press release on the project here.

November 2015 - VIQ Dataworxs Wins Digital Capture and Workflow Contract with Colorado Police Department

The combined team of VIQ and Dataworxs has been awarded a new police capture and workflow management contract with a police department in Colorado. The customer, with over 150 officers and detectives on staff, will digitally capture officers’ field reports on secured mobile handheld devices and manage the digital audio report through a sophisticated city-wide workflow using the Audioworxs enterprise system.

The efficiency gains from Audioworxs will enable the customer to rapidly process more field reports with less office time and more consistency from a larger number of officers while achieving a much higher level of automation across the department via a sophisticated digital workflow. Over time, the customer can alo add additional advanced features such as speech recognition, multiple audio and video channels and smart phone capability.

You can view the complete press release here.

November 2015 - VIQ Solutions Wins Court Modernization Contract in Serbia

In our latest contract news, VIQ Solutions has been awarded a digital court recording modernization contract for the Serbian judiciary. This is the latest in a series of court modernization wins for VIQ Solutions with projects in Canada, the US, the Middle East, Africa and Australia in 2015.

VIQ’s sophisticated security, redundancy and privacy features along with references from other large courts around the world were key criteria in the VIQ being awarded the project. Given the size of both the initial phase of the project and the customer’s future implementation plans, VIQ’s centralized database and the ability to quickly and easily locate case files was crucial to VIQ being selected. The customer has also expressed a desire to enable other components of the VIQ digital platform, such as video, collaboration, mobility and third party integration, at a later phase.

You can view the press release here.

October 2015 - DVP Wins 80-Room Digital Court Recording Contract in Zimbabwe

Digital Voice Processing, our South African partners, continue their strong 2015 with a new 80-room digital court recording contract with the Judicial Services Commission in Zimbabwe. The contract will see VIQ's capture and playback software and associated hardware installed in 80 courtrooms across Zimbabwe as part of a wider court modernization project.

The installation in Zimbabwe brings the total number of African countries running VIQ's powerful software solutions to fourteen, all of whom are supported by DVP and their local partners. This is the latest in a string of wins for DVP in 2015 including the Mpumalanga (South Africa) Provincial Legislature, the National Assembly in Mauritius, the Lesotho Judiciary and the South African National Defense Force.

You can view the press release on the Zimbabwe win and other recent DVP success stories here.

October 2015 - Three New Wins for Spark & Cannon

Spark & Cannon, our technology and transcription partners in Australia, have recently been awarded three new reporting and transcription projects in Australia.

For two of the contracts, Spark & Cannon will provide both digital recording and transcription services, using VIQ’s sophisticated software to capture and manage the proceedings as well as efficiently produce and deliver the transcript via VIQ NetScribe within one hour of the adjournment of the proceedings.

You can view the press release on the wins here.

October 2015 - Voice Products Wins Court Migration Project

Congratulations today to our partners at Voice Products for their latest win, an important migration of a long-time client to the latest version of the VIQ software.

The customer, a multi-room Federal Court, is adding networking functionality as well as video capture capability. They've also purchased VIQ AccessPOINT, VIQ’s collaborative web portal solution that provides 24/7 online access to audio, video and other media from proceedings for authorized lawyers, judges and other participants.

Great win, Voice Products! You can view the press release on the contract here.

October 2015 - JB&A Reseller Selected for Child Advocacy AV Recording Project

We're excited to announce a new contract win today. Heinz Pro AV, a JB&A reseller, has been awarded a digital AV capture and management contract for a child advocacy center in the northeastern US. VIQ's software will be used to capture and manage forensic audio and video interviews with child victims of maltreatment in a safe and supportive environment.

This contract also marks the first VIQ sale through the JB&A distribution network. We've been working hard with JB&A to get their network of resellers up to speed on VIQ's offerings and it's exciting to see that work coming to fruition. We have a lot on the go with JB&A and we're very excited to be partnered with them.

You can view the press release on the contract here.

September 2015 - Acquisition of Dataworxs Completed

We've completed our proposed acquisition of Dataworxs, a leading provider of digital telephony and speech recognition software. With all the paperwork signed, the synergized, energized team of VIQ, Spark & Cannon and Dataworxs is working on merging our technologies and our expertise to bring an unmatched feature set to new and existing customers around the world. Keep your eye on the VIQ website in the coming days as we start introducing the Dataworxs solutions, customers and team.

You can view the press release on the completed acquisition here.

September 2015 - JB&A’s National Video Workflow Road Show

Our partners at JB&A have announced their National Video Workflow Road Show 2015. The show will feature multiple workflow stations that complete a variety of video solutions including: Media Management, Digital Signage, Broadcast, IP Video, and Collaboration. It’s the only place you will find these overwhelmingly successful and complete video solutions, including VIQ's capture, management and collaboration software, set up and ready to demo.

Attendees will have the opportunity to experience hands-on demonstrations of complete solutions in an intimate setting, ask questions to industry experts, and solve their painpoints with a real solution set. The tour begins on September 22 in San Francisco, and will continue through Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Washington, DC; finishing in Atlanta by mid-December.

To RSVP and check specific locations and dates, visit: JB&A's road show website.

August 2015 - Acquisition of Dataworxs

We're building a serious AV powerhouse with the proposed acquisition of Dataworxs! Dataworxs is a leading provider of digital telephony and speech recognition software that is well-established in key VIQ-targeted markets like police, medical and insurance. Dataworxs has a broad customer base in Canada, the US and Australia as well as dedicated sales teams in each region. Our combined companies will provide new and existing customers with complete, complementary digital capture, management and collaboration solutions that is completely unmatched in the marketplace.

You can view the press release here.

August 2015 - Droning On

We've got a new blog up today on everything that can be done with drone video footage. Law enforcement, firefighters, military, farmers, search and rescue... aerial video isn't just for Aunt Betty's BBQ anymore! VIQ has the professional tools needed to turn drone footage into a secure, complete digital media evidence record.

You can view the drone video blog here.

August 2015 - New Police Recording Win in US Northeast

We're very pleased to announce that VIQ has been awarded a new digital capture and management contract with a major law enforcement agency in the northeastern US. VIQ's law enforcement capture and management software will be used to record suspect and witness interviews and gives law enforcement the ability to attach indexed multimedia files, such as scanned documents or pictures, and create a secure, complete digital media evidence file that will stand up in court.

For more information on the new contract, please view the complete press release.

July 2015 - VIQ Reseller DECA Completes Key Customer Migration in Georgia

VIQ value-added resellers DECA of Marietta, Georgia, recently completed a migration that brought a long-time customer up to the latest VIQ centralized network recording solution. The customer, a mid-Georgia county, encompasses a dozen courtrooms across the State, Superior, Probate and Civil/Magistrate Courts as well as the Law Enforcement Center. With the migration to the latest version, all the different courtrooms now share one central server, with access to all their new and pre-existing audio and case information while maintaining the same easy to use interface.

This particular county has been a VIQ user and DECA customer since 2005, and DECA's great customer service ensures that they'll stay that way for many more years. Great job, DECA!

For more information on the migration, please view the complete press release.

July 2015 - Digital Voice Processing Selected for Legislature Audio-Video Recording and Transcription Project in South Africa

Another great win for Digital Voice Processing! Our long-time partners in South Africa were recently selected to provide a complete digital audio-video capture, management and transcription solution for the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature in South Africa. The multi-channel, multi-language audio-video capture and transcription workflow solution will be installed later this fall.

This marks yet another contract win for DVP, who has recently been awarded the National Assembly in Mauritius, the Lesotho Judiciary and the South African National Defense Force, among others. Congratulations, DVP! You guys are keeping us busy!

For more information on the Mpumlanga win, please view the complete press release.

June 2015 - VIQ Partners with Digital AV Specialist JB&A as North American Distributor

VERY exciting news today! We've partnered with JB&A, the leader in digital media and audio video technology, to manage the distribution of our software across North America.

So what does this mean for VIQ? For starters, it will put our digital capture and management software front and centre for JB&A's sophisticated network of hundreds of high tech software resellers across the United States and Canada. JB&A excels at lead generation, has a robust sales and support infrastructure and is very active in the target markets that VIQ is pursuing, making the partnership a perfect fit. This agreement immediately boosts VIQ's presence in North America and significantly increases our opportunities going forward.

We're very excited to be moving forward with JB&A! For more details, you can view the complete press release here.

June 2015 - Spark & Cannon wins new contract

Great news from Australia! Spark & Cannon, our reporting and transcription services and technology distributor, has been awarded a great new reporting and transcription contract.

The contract is with the Special Commission of Inquiry into the Greyhound Racing Industry in New South Wales. S&C is providing a complete recording and transcription service for the duration of the inquiry using VIQ's capture and management software in conjunction with VIQ NetScribe to record and transcribe proceedings.

June 2015 - VIQ and PESA Announce Joint Sales and Marketing Agreement for Bundled Audio-Video Solutions

We're very happy to announce that we've signed a joint sales and marketing agreement for a new line of bundled, integrated solutions with our partners at PESA, known as PESA ACES. The bundled PESA hardware and VIQ software solutions offer robust audio and video evidence capture and management features at competitive price points that will appeal to a wide range of markets such as as law enforcement; public safety for body/dash cams or interview rooms; search and rescue operations; military operations for command and control (C2) and unmanned aerial drone (UAV) video capture and management; educational institutions for distance learning or flipped classes; and medical facilities for surgical training, procedure review and remote consultation.

You can view the complete press release here.

June 2015 - VIQ Selected for Telephony, Video Conferencing Capture and Management Project

We're pleased to announce that VIQ has been selected by a Canadian federal government agency to provide the capture and management of the customer's conference calls. While initially audio-only capture, the next phase of the project will integrate the customer's video conferencing system.

The contract is also significant as the customer is implementing VIQ's NetScribe web-based transcription service and will be operating NetScribe as a SaaS rather than a fixed asset.

View the complete press release here.

May 2015 - The Power of the Database

VIQ CTO Malcolm Macallum has written a great blog on databases and why they are the superior choice for digital asset management for any market. Here's a sneak preview:

"Non-database oriented digital asset management solutions offer an inexpensive, easily accessed, universal model for managing your data. Sounds good, but what about security? What about quickly accessing terabytes of data? What about accessing digital assets concurrently? Good questions."

View the blog here.

May 2015 - Collaboration is an Investment that has a Compound Return

Our partners at ET Group have written a great blog on the benefits of a collaborative solution for the courts.

Touching on hot topics like video remand appearances, international trials and collaborative online portals, Paul Gragtmans shows how a collaborative ecosystem provides real operational savings for courts and other justice agencies. It's a great read for any court debating on making the investment in new collaborative technologies.

April 2015 - VIQ named to Branham 300 list of Canadian ICT companies

We're pleased to announce that VIQ has once again been recognized on the Branham 300, the definitive listing of Canada’s top public and private ICT companies. VIQ comes in this year at number 155, up five places from last year.

Over the past 23 years, the Branham300 has grown to become known as the most comprehensive and trusted source of information on the health of the Canadian ICT Industry. We look forward to further improving our position as VIQ continues to grow!

April 2015 - New Lineup of Mobile, Collaborative Solutions

We're extremely happy today to announce our new lineup of innovative web and mobile solutions!

We’ve got a brand new simplified touchscreen GUI for tablets and a smartphone AV capture app for iPhones! Both solutions have been designed from the ground up with mobility and simplicity in mind and are fully integrated with VIQ’s sophisticated back-end solutions. These secure mobile audio/video capture solutions are ideal for off-site interviews, depositions, or in-field applications like police in-car video capture, on-scene evidence collection, unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAVs”) or military command and control.

Both mobile solutions are compatible with VIQ AccessPOINT, our innovative online collaboration portal that provides anytime-anywhere access to audio, video and annotations, allowing authorized users to securely share and collaborate on recordings in an unprecedented way. VIQ AccessPOINT has been designed with HTML5 for cross-browser compatibility and offers a touchscreen-friendly GUI for tablets and smartphones, allowing access from any device.

For more details on our new line of solutions, you can view the complete press release here.

April 2015 - VIQ at NAB with PESA

We're pleased to be attending our first NAB show with our partners at PESA. With over 97,000 attendees from over 100 countries, NAB is the premier trade show for Broadcast, Digital Media, Telecom, Education, Military/Government, Retail, Security, Sports, IT and more. With PESA, we'll be showing off some of our latest cutting-edge technology, including cool new video applications like body-worn video, UAV/drone video, and more.

We'll be updating the VIQ twitter feed with pictures and updates from the show. See you there!

March 2015 - Eye on the Future... Courts Today, February/March 2015

Did you catch VIQ and PESA in the latest issue of Courts Today? Here's a sneak peek:

"High on the list of solutions are easy solutions for judges to use, as are simplified interfaces that provide advanced features when need but at easy to use when implementing. Another big trend is the movement toward less complicated installations. Partnerships such as that between VIQ and PESA combine the best in software with a powerful cigar-sized device that provides audio video capture without all the mess..."

Read the complete article at Courts Today.

March 2015 - Law Enforcement: What to Do With All That Video… and Audio… and Metadata

In this edition of the VIQ Tech Blog, John Tomasi looks at the different types of digital data being collected by police, law enforcement and other public safety agencies and discusses some of the management and administrative techniques for wrangling data from all these difference sources into a single, usable tool.

The capture and storage of multimedia content is no longer “leading edge.” Greater significance is being placed on how to transform the content into truly valuable assets. VIQ is on the new leading edge of digital colloboration.

Read more at the VIQ Tech Blog.

February 2015 - VIQ Solutions wins Abu Dhabi contract

VIQ is delighted to welcome the Abu Dhabi Judiciary Department to our growing list of customers! Our partners at Gulf Business Machine have been selected to lead the prestigious courthouse rejuvenation project in Abu Dhabi, UAE, that will make the Abu Dhabi court complex the most sophisticated, technologically savvy in the world.

Using the most advanced audio-video technologies and infrastructure, VIQ's enterprise digital court recording and management software will be fully integrated with Cisco video-conferencing solutions and the latest high definition cameras and plasma display monitors. Future phases of the project are set to involve integration with the Judiciary's case management system, cloud services integration and the implementation of a customized, secure web portal for online access and collaboration. Stayed tuned to the VIQ What's New page for more updates as this prestigious project unfolds.

View the complete press release here.

February 2015 - VIQ Reseller Conference

On Thursday, VIQ hosted our first ever reseller conference with our partners at PESA. We invited all our key resellers and partners for an action-packed day of demos (including the powerful new PESA Xstream hardware solutions), sneak peeks at our upcoming solutions (was that a phone app??) and round-table discussions on all the exciting things going on at VIQ.

The VIQ Twitter feed has a great recapping of the day's events. Thanks to all our partners for coming to see us in Huntsville and to our gracious hosts at PESA for putting on a world-class event. We'll see you all again soon!

February 2015 - NACM MidYear Conference

This week VIQ's John Tomasi joined up with our partners at Voice Products Inc. to exhibit at the NACM Midyear Conference in Lost Pines, Texas. The theme of the show was "Founded in Tradition, Focused on the Future", and John and Voice Product's Andrew DeBarbieris had a great time demonstrating to the NACM attendees just how focused on the future VIQ's digital court recording and management solutions are.

Incidentally, our partners at Voice Products are celebrating their 25th year in business in 2015. VIQ is proud to have been partnered with Voice Products for many of those years, and we look forward to many more!

January 2015 - VIQ Solutions Sells Transcription Company

VIQ Solutions has sold transcription subsidiary International Reporting to Barry Prouse, the President of International Reporting. The sale is a major step toward VIQ becoming a pure play developer and provider of leading-edge solutions for digital recording and workflow management.

International Reporting will remain a key partner and reseller of VIQ's capture, management and transcription solutions, particularly our NetScribe web-based transcription workflow. View the complete press release here.

January 2015 - Evidence from Consumer Wearables: Coming Soon to a Court Near You

In our new blog post, VIQ's John Tomasi looks at the meteoric rise in consumer wearables and how the data collected from these devices could potentially be used as evidence in civil or criminal cases. Is your court ready to handle the influx of digital media evidence? View the VIQ blog here.

December 2014 - Sebastien Paré Appointed CEO Effective February 1, 2015

After more than ten great years at the helm, David Outhwaite is handing control of VIQ to Sebastien Paré, who will take over as CEO effective February 1, 2015. David will remain Chairman of the VIQ Board of Directors. The full press release on the transition can be viewed here.

Everyone at VIQ would like to thank Dave for his enormous contribution to our company and look forward to his continued guidance and expertise as Chairman as we continue moving forward under the leadership of Sebastien.

December 2014 - New Customer News - Mexico Military Courts

VIQ is pleased to welcome the Mexico Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional (“SEDENA”) military courts in Tijuana and Villahermosa, Mexico, to our growing client list.

The military courts are locally supported by Mexico-based VIQ reseller Dyntra, a leader in sophisticated audio and video capture with a special focus on the courts and police markets. The initial installations are part of the overall modernization of federal criminal justice centers across Mexico.

VIQ will supply SEDENA with digital audio and video recording software and hardware for military courtrooms in Tijuana and Villahermosa. VIQ’s customizable software interface allows SEDENA to run the software in their native Spanish and uses a VIQ Central Server for centralized storage of audio, video and notes from multiple courtrooms.

The Mexico military courts joins VIQ’s growing list of military court clients, including the South African National Defense Force.

December 2014 - VIQ Legislature: New release and new customer upgrades

VIQ recently released the latest version of their VIQ Legislature audio/video capture and transcription solution. With a slew of new features, including video capture and an enhanced transcription workflow, three existing VIQ clients have been quick to upgrade their solution.

VIQ Solutions and partner Digital Voice Processing of South Africa recently completed the upgrade of the National Assembly of Mauritius to the latest VIQ Legislature solution. This version provides the Mauritius Legislature with a local recording solution that operates regardless of network connectivity, while providing the benefits of automated synchronization for centralized storage and access. There is also an integrated, automated transcription workflow for the Assembly's Hansard Services department. For a more detailed case study of the Mauritius legislature project, please visit our Legislature page.

The Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick (Canada), another long-time VIQ Legislature client, also recently completed their upgrade to the latest version. The Northwest Territories is currently in the process of migrating.

We've also published a new blog article on recording for Legislatures. Visit the VIQ blog for details.

November 2014 - Welcome Back John Tomasi!

VIQ is pleased to welcome back John Tomasi! John is rejoining VIQ as Regional Business Director with a focus on the US market, particularly large government agencies and enterprise-level contracts.

John brings a broad variety of experience managing IT teams and projects, both as a government employee serving the court system in the State of Florida as well as in the private sector with high-tech firms. John has been recognized for his leadership skills by the U.S. Military, the 13th Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida as well as the Office of the State Court Administrator for the State of Florida. John has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Miami and a Bachelor of Science degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and served as faculty at the University of Phoenix Graduate Business college. He is an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Air Force, having served as an avionics specialist on F-4 and F-16 fighter aircraft.

John is based near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and can be reached by email at jtomasi@viqsolutions.com. Welcome back, John!

October 2014 - VIQ partners with ET Group!

VIQ is pleased to announce we’ve partnered with ET Group, a leading-edge communications technology company that supports collaboration and innovation, anywhere, anytime. ET Group’s ecosystem allows organizations to connect using collaborative technology in audio visual communication, including ground-breaking smart board technologies.

Partnering with ET Group gives VIQ’s technologies a new layer of collaboration with far-reaching possibilities, including opportunities in the legal, transportation, medical and insurance industries. Together, ET Group and VIQ’s unique strengths combine to provide our clients with an unmatched digital AV collaboration tool.

Two members of ET Group recently visited VIQ headquarters for four days of intense hands-on product and support training led by Raham Dixon, VIQ Professional Services manager. VIQ looks forward to collaborating with ET Group on multiple digital communication and collaboration projects across North America.

October 2014 - South African National Defence Force update

The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) has been a large (and growing) client of VIQ’s since early 2013. Since the initial installation, SANDF has steadily increased their number of installations to 33, with the most recent addition coming in October of 2014 and more courtrooms slated for 2015.

Members of the SANDF are subject to the Military Discipline Code and the jurisdiction of the military courts. SANDF uses VIQ’s standalone digital capture and management solution to record proceedings in their military courts all across South Africa.

The VIQ solution was selected by SANDF for its reliability and ease of operation, as well as the expert service and support by Digital Voice Processing, VIQ’s long-term partner in sub-Saharan Africa.

October 2014 - Welcome to VIQ's new website!

We are pleased to launch our new website! We're the industry leader in digital media evidence collection, storage and collaboration, and we want to share what we know with the world. Please browse around our site and get comfortable with all of our new content and ideas. We're also starting a regular blog series on various technology issues related to digital media evidence, please join us and feel free to share any comments and insight.

Be sure to sign up using the "Subscribe" field at the top of this page to stay in the loop on all the latest happenings at VIQ. We'll email you about new customers, new features, new blog posts, and news.

September 2014 - IACA Show, Sydney Australia

The International Association for Court Administrators held their annual conference in Sydney, Australia. IACA is a global community of court administrators and managers engaged in promoting the effective administration of justice around the world. Their conference attracted almost 250 delegates from all continents of the globe.

Matthew Fowler from Spark & Cannon represented VIQ at the IACA show. Matthew met with several court administrators and acquired useful insights into the administration and achieving service excellence across courts of the world.

September 2014 - 25th Judicial District upgrade

The 25th Judicial District of Kansas is made up of six counties: Finney, Greeley, Hamilton, Kearny, Scott and Wichita. With their recent upgrade to the latest VIQ capture and management solution, the 25th Judicial District has added network functionality. Now, each county synchronizes their recording and evidence to the central server in Finney, giving them a secure, centralized storage location that allows them to share recording and case information.

With this upgrade, the 25th Judicial District has also added the ability to integrate their FullCourt case management system with their recording solution. With this functionality, the 25th Judicial District can assemble case lists and start recording using the case information already entered into their case managment system without having re-enter the case data.

The 25th District is supported by long-time VIQ value-added partner Voice Products. Based in Wichita, Kansas, with offices throughout the mid-west and southern US, Voice Products has serviced the 25th Judicial District (and many other VIQ customers!) for many years.

August 2014 - ACT upgrade news

In November of 2013, Spark & Cannon were awarded a contract to provide recording and transcription services in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). With 27 total courtrooms incorporating the Supreme Courts, Magistrates Courts, and Administrative Tribunal, Spark & Cannon provides the reporting and transcription services, using hardware and software supplied by Spark & Cannon and VIQ to provide a complete turnkey solution. Also in operation at the ACT is NetScribe, VIQ's web-based transcription utility, and VIQ's AccessPOINT Portal, which provides the ACT with web-based access to recorded audio through a standard web browser from any location. The installation was completed in December, 2013, with production commencing soon thereafter.

At the commencement of the project, Spark & Cannon provided the ACT with access to the audio via the AccessPOINT Portal within an hour of the end of the recording day. VIQ's recent upgrades to NetScribe and AccessPOINT now allow Spark & Cannon to provide this service to ACT progressively throughout the day with a ten minute delay, providing a much more efficient level of service.

June 2014 - Save the Children International Court (High Court of Zanzibar, South Region Pemba )

Brahler ICS UK Limited, VIQ's UK-based partner, recently supplied an audio/video recording solution for the Save the Children International Court in Zanzibar. Save the Children International consists of over 30 member organisations working to deliver change for children in over 120 countries. The organization promotes children's rights, provides relief and helps support children in developing countries.

The innovative Child-Friendly Court was designed specifically to help children and other vulnerable witnesses who are required to testify in court in cases of child abuse. With the help of VIQ's technology solutions expertly installed by Digital Voice Processing (VIQ’s South African based partner), the Child-Friendly Court ensures that children are not forced to testify in public but via a TV link, safely away from any potential intimidation by the accused, while at the same time ensuring proper judicial procedures are followed.

VIQ is proud to partner with Brahler and Digital Voice Processing on this important initiative. For more information on the project, view the Save the Children International site.

June 2014 - Scottish Court Services update

The final phase of the rollout for the Scottish Court Services took place recently, on time and on budget. VIQ was awarded the contract in September, 2013, with the initial rollout commencing in January.

The project consists of 148 criminal courtrooms throughout mainland Scotland and the islands, and includes the High Court of Justiciary, Court of Session, sheriff courts and justice of the peace courts, and to the Office of the Public Guardian and Accountant of Court. This connected network of courts is using VIQ's fully networked solution to centrally storage and manage their case records, as well as import their legacy audio and the associate metadata into the VIQ system.

May 2014 - Athens-Clarke County upgrade

The Athens-Clarke County (Georgia) Superior and State Courts have been VIQ clients since 2007 when they implemented six standalone audio recording solutions through VIQ's value-added reseller DECA. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, with offices in Alabama, DECA has been a long-time partner of VIQ's to support clients in the southern US.

This month, DECA helped Athens-Clarke migrate to the latest version of the VIQ digital capture and management solution. With their recent upgrade, Athens-Clarke has added a whole new level of functionality. They've moved to a completely networked solution, with a central server for the centralized storage and access to recordings for all their six locations.

April 2014 - New International Reporting website

The new International Reporting website is live!

Besides a great new look and enhanced content that showcases International Reporting's growing list of prestigious customers, the new web page features secure portals for clients to book a court report or order a transcript. These features allow clients to quickly and conveniently order International Reporting services anytime, from anywhere.

April 2014 - Tax Court of Canada update

The Tax Court of Canada is the youngest superior court in Canada. The Court's jurisdiction includes the hearing of appeals from assessments under the Income Tax Act, the Excise Tax Act (Goods and Services Tax "GST"), the Employment Insurance Act and the Canada Pension Plan, among others. International Reporting provides court reporting services as well as transcription production when required, but in the case of the Tax Court, an extra layer of service is provided.

To provide the Tax Court with the best possible service, members of International Reporting have been sworn in as registrars, making them official representatives of the court. In addition to their reporting duties, the registrars call the cases, administer oaths, record exhibits and provide instructions to appellants and witnesses. In accordance with Canadian judicial tradition, the registrars often wear the black robes along with counsel for the Tax Court. This extra level of service demonstrates International Reporting's commitment to professionalism and ensuring the satisfaction of their clients.

January 2014 - New S&C Website and Service Charter

The new Spark & Cannon website is live! The site features a modern new look and a secure portal for customers to log in and order transcripts or receive a fee estimate for services. This online portal streamlines the transcript ordering and quotation service, increasing efficiency for both Spark & Cannon and their clients.

Spark & Cannon also recently released their updated service charter, detailing their commitment to their customers providing the highest level of professionalism and satisfaction. All Spark & Cannon employees are trained on the charter, ensuring the Spark & Cannon clients receive the finest experience in all interactions.

And more...

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